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Product Line Up

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Introduction of Product

"Comfort! Thermal Shut Method" that improves heat discharge rates and pleasant indoor environments

We strongly recommend ["Comfort! Thermal Shut Method"] not only for new construction but for roof reform. "Double sheathing roof board structure" blocks sun light, effectively discharges heat and moisture, and reduce heat transfer to residential space to suppress the decrese of efficiency and reduce heating and light costs.

Roof Inside Ventilation discharging heat and moisture

It discharges the heat of a ventilation layer and the heat and moisture inside a roof to maintain the fair condition inside roof.

Radiant Shield Sheet Lite blocking radiant heat

It reflects the radiant heat on the aluminum part of a sheet to demonstrate the radiation shield effect.

Ventilation Hole absorbing external air

A small ventilation hole on the edge of eaves absorbs fresh air into a ventilation layer to increase the radiantion shield effect.

Thermal shut method's effect to reduce temperature inside a roof

The company has verified the effect of [Comfort Thermal Shut Method]. As a result, the method is available to keep an inner roof at lower temperature of the maximum of 12℃ than general methods. Ventilation roof floors and colonial glassa double sheathing roof boards have been used. The parallel use of radiantion shield glassa can demonstrate its effect more.

Construction Sequence

Noah Guard ll, roofing to give the radiation shield effect to ROOGA

To the surface layer of polymer series roofing Noah Guard II the radiantion shield function is given by adding aluminum reflection layers. It gives the radiantion shield effect in combination with ROOGA.