Environmental Activities

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Environmental Activities of Panasonic

Panasonic Group shares the low carbon green growth policy that has been emerged as the worldwide issue,
and has implemented the ‘Eco Ideas 3’ that has been in progress as the group level.


  • 01

    Eco Idea for Products

    We have spread the awareness of the eco-friendly products along with the development of energy saving products and made an effort to accelerate the distribution of eco-friendly products.
    We distribute the products with excellent energy saving performance to reduce the energy consumption of households and ultimately reach the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • 02

    Eco Idea for Production

    We have improved the entire productivity in the production process from product planning to manufacturing, sales and service to accomplish a goal to reduce the total carbon dioxide emission to the level of the year 2000.
  • 03

    Expansion of Eco Idea

    We are making an effort to expand it globally from local society starting easy practical works in the company.
    In-company environmental movement: Limit the use of paper cups, turn off the light during lunch hour, and limit the temperature of air conditioner
eco panasonic
eco panasonic

Panasonic Group
puts emphasis on the environment.

Panasonic Group has established and utilized an environment mark in order to present the reaction for environmental preservation and the environmental performance of products and services.

Create New Values

  • 01
    Planning and design of products through R & D considering the improvement of living quality and the environment
  • 02
    Procure materials and products with low environmental load (Clean procurement)
  • 03
    Coexist with local society to reduce environmental load and prevent environmental pollution during the production activity
  • 04
    Sales, Logistics and Processing
    Environmental communication with customers, sales, logistics and construction companies’ caring for the environment
  • 05
    Caring for the environment with clean energy while raising the quality of living
  • 06
    Waste Recycling
    Caring for the environment with clean energy while raising the quality of living