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Product Line Up

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*To learn more about exterior materials, please refer to the catalog.

Introduction of Product

Light Catalyst Exterior Wall "Light CERA"

The sun's UV touches the Light CERA to demonstrate the decomposition of stains, the ultra hydrophile property, and the capability of purifying the air. Also, it cleans the stains to help purifying the air. In addition, an inorganic ceramic coating prevents discoloration due to UV to maintain a beautiful and long lasting color at the time of new construction. The wall with long lasting "Cleanness", it is the exterior wall light CERA of high quality light catalyst of KMEW.

Prevent discoloration due to UV

It is called the inorganic substance that is not deteriorated by the sun's UV. KMEW's light CERA is manufactured by inorganic coating, so that there is quite less discoloration than organic coating products.

Double effect of inorganic resin & inorganic UV absorbent

It blocks UV for long with the double effect of inorganic resin and UV absorbent, and protects a coloration layer strongly for long to prevent discoloration and scorch. The inorganic ceramic coating is rarely deteriorated by UV and stronger than the UV energy.

Exterior materials reducing the vibration of earthquake

Light weight exterior materials

The KMEW product is the light exterior wall, so that there is a small load on the building during an earthquake. It suppresses the total weight of the building to help reduce the seismic vibration.

Light weight

The weight of each series is less than half the weight of mortar.

Lightening NEOROCK Series

As the 18mm product of NEOROCK Series is thick with deep shadow, its exterior is refined and its weight is also light.